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Battery Saving Tips for Smartphones

A smartphone is every person’s best friend that keeps all his data, files, pictures safe and helps him connect to his loved ones. However, if its battery drains, it is of no use until and unless a charger is plugged into it. Now-a-days, most smartphones come with a long battery life. However, tips and tricks for prolonging the battery even more never hurt, for they can help you on a long trip when you have forgotten your power bank at home and you smartphone is about to die. There are numerous factors which can contribute to fast drainage of your smartphone’s battery, and by making sure that they are taken care of, you can increase your battery life by multiple hours.

There are many applications and softwares running in the background which cause heavy traffic, thus consuming battery to a greater extent. If you keep a regular check on which applications are running in the background, by disabling and closing them, you can make sure that battery is not being consumed by unnecessary applications which are not currently being used. Location services are another main factor which cause continuous use of battery. By turning off the location service, battery consumption can be reduced to a great extent.

A bright screen is another cause of high battery consumption. The brighter the screen, the higher will be the battery usage. In order to save battery, it is best to turn the brightness to lowest degree if indoors. In addition, brightness can also be turned to lowest at night when visibility is better even in the least bright screen. In addition to brightness, screen sleep time is also a major cause of battery consumption. The more time your phone’s display is on, the more battery will be sucked out of it. By making sure that your phone’s screen sleep time is least and the screen is off while the mobile is idle, the battery timing can be improved to a great extent.

All the advanced graphics consume including photos, videos, games, and animations consume a lot more battery, and are another cause of battery drainage, as all the advanced graphics put the processor under work. By minimizing all the broadcasting and animations, the battery life of the smartphone can be extended multifold. Another hack that can be tried for increased battery life on the whole is periodic charges instead of a full battery drainage, as letting the battery run low enough for phone to switch off can cause serious damage to the battery, which means over time, the battery life will reduce. So, for an optimal battery life, avoid fully draining your smartphones battery low. Similarly, avoid overcharging, or overnight charging and make sure to unplug the charger as soon as the battery becomes fully charged.

Now that our lives are heavily dependent on smartphones, a deterioration to battery can affect the smartphone efficiency as well as reduce overall battery life. A dead battery amidst a good day-out is our worst nightmare, and to refrain from it, you can just make sure battery is least used. In this regard, all the tips and tricks listed above can be greatly helpful for boosting smartphone battery.

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